Oenotria Land

Oenotria Land


Oenotria Land is a Wine Museum, where the word museum is a reality. A space that honors the vine, its products and their close relationship to humans, counts 1.600 exhibitions and belongs among the first of Greece!

How can we introduce visitors to Oenotria Land ’s profile?

In 1979, a successful businessman Costas Lazaridis decided to revive the ancestral wine memories by planting a vineyard first and building a winery (1986) later, in the location of Adriani, Drama. The success that followed showed that, it is not enough to just produce a good wine but to provide it with the home it deserves. The Attic Land, with a wine history of thousands of years, functioned as a magnet and thus in the spring of 2006, half an hour’s drive from the center of Athens, in Kapandriti, the Oenotria Land of the Domaine Costa Lazaridi was created; a multi-space dedicated to wine, with halls for organizing social events, conferences and of course the underground wine cellars for the ageing of the wines.

Although there have been exhibits on wine technology in the venue since its establishment, it was completed in 2011 and started operating as a Wine Museum. Set within an 11-acre estate, Oenotria Land hosts the building complex within the premises of the museum leaving the visitor stunned. The two levels of 1,500 square meters transport the visitor through the history of wine through exhibits framed by audiovisual media dating from the 17th century. The machinery for the viticulture, those for the processing of grapes, from the largest to the smallest object has its place in the museum. Exceptional is also the showcase that hosts a rich collection of usable, humorous, strange and imaginative openers from all over the world for opening bottles. The Museum, among others, offers an educational journey from ancient Greece, Egypt and Mesopotamia to the countries of the New World.

Οινότρια Γη
Oenotria Land
Oenotria Land

What should the visitors expect to experience in Oenotria Land?

In Oenotria Land, guests can enjoy – except of course the guided tour of the Wine Museum – a tour of the cellar with specially designed aging cellars and the space where hand-painted magnum bottles are aged. Finally, they can complement the visit with the tasting of the Domaine Costa Lazaridi wines and balsamic vinegar.

Tasting of two Wines and a Balsamic Vinegar
• Chateau Julia Assyrtiko (white wine)
• Oenotria Land Cabernet Sauvignon – Agiorgitiko (red wine organically cultivated)
• Vinegar Gold Aceto Botanico Costa Lazaridi
Accompanied with pastries and a cheese variety
Price per person: € 10.00 + VAT
Duration: ~45′
Minimum 10 and max 60 persons
* In the case of groups larger than 10 persons please contact the estate.
Tasting of three Wines and a Balsamic Vinegar
• Chateau Julia Assyrtiko (white wine)
• Oenotria Land Cabernet – Agiorgitiko (red wine organically cultivated)
• Amethystos Rose
• Vinegar Gold Aceto Botanico Costa Lazaridi
Accompanied with pastries and a cheese variety
Price per person: 14,00 + VAT
Duration: ~60′
Minimum 10 and max 60 persons
If the minimum of persons is not met, then price form as follows:
2 Persons →→ € 50,00 + VAT
3 Persons →→ € 75,00 + VAT
4 Persons →→ € 100,00 + VAT
5-9 Persons →→ € 18,00 / person + VAT
Tasting of three Wines and a Balsamic Vinegar with buffet
• Chateau Julia Chardonnay (white wine)
• Oenotria Land Cabernet – Agiorgitiko (red wine organically cultivated)
• Amethystos Rose
• Vinegar Gold Aceto Botanico Costa Lazaridi
Price: € 20.00 + VAT
Duration: ~60′
Minimum 10 and max 60 persons
Side dishes with the Wine Tasting:
• Pastries (variety of rolls, breadsticks, rusks)
• Salad with cherry tomatoes, rusks and katiki (cottage cheese)
• Greek traditional pie
• Plateau with 3 Greek cheeses
• Plateau with 3 Greek sausages
• Ntolmadakia (stuffed vine leaves)
• Open – face sandwiches with smoked sausage, Florina pepper and cheese saladα
Some side dishes change depending on the season and the mood of the chef.
* Please note that the buffet is complimentary to the wine tasting and is not a full meal.
* You may continue drinking your favorite label from the estate’s wines among those you have tasted in the tasting.

Method of payment for all tastings: 30% down payment for the minimum of persons with event and date confirmation and settlement on the day of the event, for the total number of people
Confirmation of the visit to the Museum and reservation of the date is done by email.
Oenotria Land also has various of venues that can accommodate from 2 to 2,000 people for any social and business event.

Monday to Friday: 9.00 – 17.00
Weekend: 11.00 – 15.00
2nd klm Kapandriti – Kalamos, ZIP 19014, Kapandriti, Attica

Email: kapandriti@domaine-lazaridi.gr • Telephone: +30 2295052213-4 • Website: www.domaine-lazaridi.gr/mouseio-oinou

Which two labels should visitors take with them, as a reminder of their visit?

The dry red blends Cabernet Sauvignon – Agiorgitiko and Syrah – Agiorgitiko from organically cultivated vineyards of the company, located on the shores of Marathon Lake.

Cabernet Sauvignon – Agiorgitiko, Oenotria Land

Cabernet Sauvignon – Agiorgitiko is characterized by a dense deep red color with pink hues. The rich aromatic palette of black ripe fruits is complemented by the pleasant notes of botany and black pepper of Cabernet, while vanilla and toasted bread reveal the barrel involvement. The mouth is full, with good elegant tannins, warmed by the alcohol that leaves a long spicy aftertaste. A tasty suggestion that preserves the robust character of the wine is the rich meals such as red meat and especially lamb in any way cooked. It also perfectly accompanies slowly cooked beef, steak and roasted duck.

Syrah – Αγιωργίτικο, Οινότρια Γη

Syrah – Agiorgitiko has a particularly dark – almost impenetrable – purple color. Aromatic and multi-dimensional scent that refers to sour cherry jam, dried fruits and spices and blends harmoniously with notes of cedar and leather. It has a velvety and quite soft taste that maintains a finesse resulting in a very thick aftertaste of sweet spices that lasts. A label that successfully accompanies the big wild game and finds its mate in red meat, especially when spices have been used. It loves beef fillet in madeira sauce, tournedos rossini, grilled liver and the list of combinations is long, since all the above are just some of the dishes that can be combined with it…

What are the highlights of the wider region that visitors should not miss?

The area has many places that the visitor can visit. Looking back to the past, we will find the archaeological site of Afidnes, where according to the myth the Athenian hero Theseus of was born. Near Oropos lies the Amfiareio, the largest sanctuary in ancient Greece of the infernal god and hero of Argos, Amphiaraos. It was founded in the late 5th century. B.C. when Oropos was in the hands of the Athenians and continued to function/operate until Christianity prevailed.

For the ones interested in the religious tourism, they can visit the monastery of Chrysopigi in Kapandriti. Nearby is the Marathon Lake where hiking enthusiasts will find interesting routes. And since bread and wine are essential elements of the Greek diet, the Marathon Bread Museum will surprise every visitor with its elaborate pastries, same as embroidery. Finally, in the nearby village of Afidnes (commonly known as Mikrochori) there are taverns where they have heavenly scents, as the last offering!

Για Ελληνικά Πατήστε Εδώ
⚠ Winery’s services along with prices and operation hours might change without previous notice. Please contact the estate upon visiting.

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