Kostantakis Cave Winery

Οινοποιείο Κωσταντάκη


Milos is considered as the new established wine-making Greek region, even though it has a long-term wine tradition. One of the oldest vineyards of the island, the Kostantakis Cave Winery, takes us back to 1935, by reliving all these years the same tradition and having in its wine “quiver” 6 different limited-edition labels.

How can we introduce visitors to Kostantakis Cave Winery’s profile?

At the hospitable volcanic island of Milos, some decades ago in Pollonia, Costas Mallis (or Kostantakis) cultivates and makes wine from local Cycladic varieties in his traditional winery. The year 2012 has been an important milestone when he creates his underground winery and extends the family vineyard, fattens it with only Greek dynamic grape varieties.

Nowadays, the winery cultivates Assyrtiko, Savatiano, Monemvasia, white Muscat, Roditis, Mandilaria, Mavrotragano, and black Aidani, which are carefully vinified in traditional ways, reliving island’s wine culture and creating with experience and excitement wines of special character.

Kostantakis Cave Winery
Οινοποιείο Κωσταντάκη
Οινοποιείο Κωσταντάκη

What should the visitors expect to experience in Kostantakis Cave Winery?

Kostantakis Cave Winery will welcome them in its cozy facilities introducing them to wine-making secrets and local island tastes. Visitors will wander around the vineyard and be guided to the underground winery (Kostantakis Cave), where the tradition is combined with technology. Finally, they will have a taste of Milos savoring the wine products of the estate. As for accommodation, the winery provides rooms of Cycladic design with a panoramic view of the picturesque village of Pollonia to everyone who wishes to relax in a harmonious and peaceful environment.

Rooms are available from April to October. For more information and reservations contact by phone: +30 228704112, +30 6938970066 or email: info@kostantakis.gr

Kostantakis Cave Winery is located at the picturesque village of Pollonia, northeast coast of Milos, 11 km from the central port of Adamantas (Pollonia, ZIP 84800, Milos, Cyclades).
May to October → 17:00 to 21:00
November to April → After contact

Telephone: +30 2287041125, +30 6936644481, +30 6982594859 • Email: info@kostantakiswinery.com • Website: www.kostantakiswinery.com

Which two labels should visitors take with them, as a reminder of their visit?

The label Spilia of both white and rosé versions.

Σπηλιά, Οινοποιείο Κωσταντάκη

In white Spilia co-exist Roditis, Savatiano, and Monemvasia varieties. It is a wine of clear light green color and an aromatic bouquet of pineapple, apricot, grapes and delicate hints of lemon. The mouth stands out for its slight crunchiness which is followed by an especially smooth and pleasant finishing.

Spilia, Kostantakis Cave Winery

In its rosé version, Spilia’s blend includes Mandilaria, Mavrotragano, Aidani, and Muscat. A rosé with bright color and dominant strawberry aromas in a flowery background of roses. The mouth is mellow and full-bodied with a discreet taste of cherry and has medium tannins that leave a pleasing aftertaste to the palate.

What are the highlights of the wider region that visitors should not miss?

Milos is by itself a highlight that no visitor should ever miss. The peculiar scenery surrounding it with its volcanic soil and white rocks appears eerie and astonishing that often characterized as lunar. Full of emerald beaches ornamented with red, pink, orange and white rocks are creating a landscape worth capturing on film.

Visitors can admire the dazzling white rocks at Sarakiniko and then visit the excellent catacombs of Milos, remnant of the early Christian years. Also, it has various archeological sights, museums, mines that will never let them get bored. It is also of great interest to see the Ancient Theater of Milos, the Castle, and the Sulfur Mines. An important stop should be the Ores Museum at Adamantas, where the island’s famous mineral activity is depicted from prehistoric times till today.

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⚠ Winery’s services along with prices and operation hours might change without previous notice. Please contact the estate upon visiting.

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