Goumas Estate – Art and Wine

Κτήμα Γκούμα


In the homeland of Greek National Poet Dionysios Solomos, in the “Fiore del Levante” (=flower of the East), Zakynthos, there is a winery that relates the art of religious painting to wine-making. Goumas Estate combines these two big adorations of its winemaker, who has created himself a multitude of wooden icons and portraits to decorate temples and parish churches in various Greek cities, along with his special love for wines.

How can we introduce visitors to Goumas Estate ‘s profile?

At the verdant Trilakgadas, near the mountainous settlement of Maries northwest of Zakynthos, is located Giatras – Goumas family winery. With their roots deeply into tradition, they cultivate ambassador varieties of the Ionian Sea:.Avgoustiatis and Robola.

Starting in 2002 with the production of high-quality wines, John Giatras continues to this day his family wine heritage that goes back to 1900 when his grandfather cultivated his first vines. Skillful and self-taught iconographer, he restores his traditional stone-built house in the Zakynthian countryside.and converts it to winery and workshop which he enriches with his decorative creations. There, the visitors will witness the fusion of culture and wine which will please his heart in this estate filled with creativity and inspiration under the name “Art & Wine”.

Κτήμα Γκούμα
Κτήμα Γκούμα
Goumas Estate – Art and Wine

What should the visitors expect to experience in Goumas Estate?

They will have the possibility to wander around the estate with its beautiful cobbled streets and stone paths while afterward, Despina and Eviana Giatras.guiding them through the vines and the cellar, answering all their questions. The estate is surrounded by a magnificent landscape full of olive, mulberry and lemon trees which will move visitors’ every sense. Besides nature’s beauty,.they will feel the politeness and hospitality of the Giatras family who is anticipating to initiate them to the exciting world of wines.

The tour is completed with a tasting in estate’s specially formed room, where they will savor the fine delicacies of Despina Giatras accompanied by various wines. Also, there is the possibility to buy several goodies for themselves and their loved ones from the estate’s exhibition of wines, herbs, and homemade items,.while admiring the iconography and paint exhibition, by John Giatras.

Goumas Estate (Maries, ZIP 29100, Zakynthos).is near many towns and villages on the island and has access mainly through the provincial road of Machairados – Anafonitria. It is typically located:
• 7 km from Maries
• 4 km from Orhtonies
• 15 km from Shipwreck beach (Navagio)
• 20 km from Zakynthos capital

Telephones: +30 2695100431, +30 6944326678 • Email: info@artandwine.gr • Website: www.artandwine.gr

Which two labels should visitors take with them, as a reminder of their visit?

Rosé Zefyros (=westerly) and red Graigos, both from Avgoustiatis, a red local grape variety.

Zefyros, Art and Wine

Zefyros in Greek mythology is the western, cool breeze. Here we have a wine of salmon color and a delightful aromatic bouquet of floral and fruity hints. Its mouth boosts with its rich acidity and long aftertaste. A wine highly recommended for pairing with various recipes of Greek traditional cuisine,.like dishes in olive oil, fish and white meats.

Γραίγος, Κτήμα Γκούμα

With a name that reminds us of the strong wind, Graigos wine has an impressive red color with rich aromas of red fruits, such as cherry, plum, and berries. Its tasteful palate is exuberant with a balanced acidity which leads to a long velvet aftertaste. At the table, it stands proudly beside red meats, hunter’s dishes,.fatty, and aged cheeses,.while it can be paired with delicious sweets based on chocolate.

What are the highlights of the wider region that visitors should not miss?

The estate is located in the Maries village that took its name in honor of Mary Magdalene, who according to tradition came to Zakynthos to spread Christianity. There they can visit the tree-nave church from the 15th century,.while on the 22nd of July every year they will watch the religious procession in the village alleys and finally enjoy the locals songs,.dances, wines, and traditional foods. It is necessary to visit the Byzantine and After-Byzantine Art Museum,.the neoclassical museum of Solomos – Kalvos and other notable Zakynthians, the churches of St. Marcus and Dionysios at the center of the city with its Venetian arcs.

From the village of Bochali, they can admire an island’s panoramic view while they should not forget to enjoy carefree moments in the crystal waters. The famous “Shipwrecked” beach, the Xigia beach and the Blue Caves are some of the most beautiful beaches. The last stops are Marathonissi, the paradise island of the Caretta Caretta and the beach of Gerakas of the National Sea Park of Zakynthos, where it spawns.

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⚠ Winery’s services along with prices and operation hours might change without previous notice. Please contact the estate upon visiting.

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