Boutari Winery

Οινοποιία Μπουτάρη, Νάουσα


The Boutari Winery in Naoussa Imathias has played a significant part in the company’s beginning: over 140 years – from 1879 – when John Boutaris built the first plant, creating one of the historic firm of Greece.

How can we introduce visitors to Boutari Winery ’s profile?

The role of the winery from its beginning was significantly important not only because of the part it played in the revival of the local variety called Xinomavro but also for the establishment of the P.D.O. region of Naoussa. To succeed in this, the company created an areal group of selected contracted producers and took over the management of their vineyards.

Today the Boutari’s vineyards are located in the south-east slopes of Mount Vermio, in an excellent terroir of cool climate, abundant rainfalls and calcium-rich, clay loam soils, the perfect conditions to produce full-bodied wines. During the 80’s in this region were also successfully cultivated the international varieties Merlot and Syrah, proving both by themselves or in blends with Xinomavro, the area’s great potentials.

Οινοποιία Μπουτάρης, Νάουσα
Οινοποιία Μπουτάρης, Νάουσα
Boutari Winery, Naoussa

What should the visitors expect to experience in Boutari Winery?

The visitor will have the chance to see the production areas and the historical underground cellar that counts more than 3.000 barrels. The wine room is remarkable, where a big selection of old vintages are being kept,.with the oldest bottle dated in 1968. There, the visitor will view the revolution of the local wine history as well as the estate’s contribution to it.

Monday to Friday → 9:00 έως 15:00 (by appointment)
Stenimachos, ZIP 59200, Naoussa, Imathia

Telephone: +30 2332059700 • Email: • Website:

Which two labels should visitors take with them, as a reminder of their visit?

Naoussa and Naoussa Grand Reserve from the red local Greek variety Xinomavro.

Νάουσσα, Οινοποιία Μπουτάρη

Naoussa occurs in malolactic fermentation and then is matured in French oak barrels (3rd and 4th use) for 12 months. The wine has a wonderful vivid deep red color and a rich sense of smell from the aromas of ripe red fruit,.raspberries, sun-dried tomato and plum together with cinnamon, pepper, black olive and oak. Rich in the mouth, full-bodied and smooth with soft tannins. This wine approaches a modern style of Naoussa that can stand by red meat dishes,.pasta with spicy red sauces or smoky and yellow cheeses, like Parmesan.

Naoussa Grande Reserve, Boutari Naoussa

Naoussa Grand Reserve comes from selected vineyards at Trilofos and its production occurs malolactic fermentation and maturation in French oak barrels for 2 years. All the above, including a 2-years aging process in the winery’s cellar,.provide the wine with a deep ruby color and terracotta tints. Its aromatic palette is complex with fruits (strawberry, raspberry, and plum) blending with the aromas of aging, spices, cinnamon, vanilla, and oak. Full-bodied yet smooth due to the long aging with pleasant acidity and long-lasting aromatic aftertaste,.matches perfectly with red meat, game, pasta or cheese platters.

What are the highlights of the wider region that visitors should not miss?

Nature has gifted the city of Naoussa plenty of beauty making her a wonderful destination. The interesting ski resort Pigadia is located in 1.430 – 2.005 m. altitude and it is the only one in Greece that is equipped with a snow simulated system so the visitors can enjoy snow all year long. Near Naoussa, there is the St. Nicolas Grove with the old plane trees and the famous Aristotelis School, both worth visiting.

As for the 3-hectares Municipal Park oasis,.is considered to be one of the most beautiful parks in the country with artificial lakes, flower garden, fountains and several animal spices. During your walk, visitors will have the company of peacocks, ducks, swans, pigeons, squirrels, fishes and various birds as well.

Finally, an important data that must be mentioned is that the winery is located about half an hour from the archeological area of Vergina,.with its priceless Royal Tombs in the ancient city of Eges (Aigai). At this site,.travelers can visit the museum which is covered with soil as the tomb once was and through the dark surroundings to experience the return of another era.

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⚠ Winery’s services along with prices and operation hours might change without previous notice. Please contact the estate upon visiting.

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