Avantis Estate

Κτήμα Αβαντίς, Εύβοια


In the center of Evia, in a short distance from Halkida and the “crazy waters” of Evripos’ strait, Avantis Estate finds a home and takes over for our mental and physical cultivation, both with its wines and its Lenga Grape Spa products.

How can we introduce visitors to Avantis Estate’s profile?

In an idyllic location, at the Mytica of Evia (or Euboea), in a place not accidentally named “Ampelia” (= vines), Apostolos Mountrihas continues up to this day his family tradition which goes back to 1830 with his grandfather Apostolos and a family-owned vineyard of 100 acres.

Grandson Apostolos studied economics. However, his visit to Bordeaux – Mecca of Wine – was the spark that triggered the creation of Avantis Estate in 1994. His contacts in France led him to cultivate many of the renowned varieties from that country, making him the first to plant Sauvignon Blanc in Evia, 20 years ago. Today, his name, together with the brand of the “Avantis Estate”, is interwoven with the variety of Syrah, the revival of Mavrokountoura (a very old local grape variety) and the top rankings of his wines at international competitions.

Always by his side, his wife Lenga Grigoriadiou – Mountriha, in charge of public relations, marketing, and the visitable part of the winery. Sharing the same zeal and inclination for creativity, Lenga innovates in 2010 by launching the “Lenga Grape Spa” series, the first cosmetic series, created from grapes cultivated in the estate.

Avantis Wines, Evoia
Κτήμα Αβαντίς, Εύβοια
Κτήμα Αβαντίς, Εύβοια

What should the visitors expect to experience in Avantis Estate?

Avantis Estate is a first-class opportunity for excursions at any time since visitors are welcomed throughout the year. The visit is well organized so that visitors can be toured in all the facilities of the production line and also in the cellar, to taste the wines of the estate, in a unique tasting of selected labels. To top it all, the mini spa of the estate, with the innovative Lenga cosmetics in a specially designed room, renders the visit at the estate a unique experience in Greece.

• “Basic“. Tasting of 5 wines, accompanied by light bread-sticks.
• “Advanced“. Tasting of 8 wines, accompanied by light bread-sticks.
• “Μaster“. Tasting of 8 of the most premium & prestige wines, accompanied by light bread-sticks.
At the wine bar of the Avantis Estate, visitors can also enjoy:
• A glass of wine of their preference
• A bottle of wine
• A wine tasting of old classic wine selections
• Dishes of cheese and sausage meat (small or large portions)
• Local delicacies (2-4 persons)
• Face treatment from the Lenga Grape Spa series
At the shop inside the winery, visitors can buy the wines of the estate, the Lenga cosmetics, and also many other traditional products of Evia.

Monday to Friday: 10.00 – 17.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 16.00
Sunday: 11.00 – 15.00

• Tour of the winery is offered together with the wine tasting.
• Wine tastings are offered both Greek and English.

At the National road of Athinon – Lamias, heading for Lamia, right after Oinofita, follow the direction to Halkida (right). Go straight for 10 kilometers and cross the airlift of Halkida. After 2 kilometers at the circular junction, take the first exit to the right, with direction to South Evia. Go straight for 3,5 kilometers and after the Lidl Supermarket, turn left to the Mytika – Filla villages. Go straight for another half kilometer, until you see the winery on the right.
The estate offers a spacious parking lot.
The winery is located:
• 80 kilometers away from Athens (1-hour drive)
• 65 kilometers away from the northern suburbs of Athens (45-minute drive)
• 99 kilometers away from Eleftherios Venizelos airport (1 hour and 15-minute drive)
• 5 kilometers away from Halkida (5-minute drive)
• 50 kilometers away from Prokopi (1-hour drive)
• 15 kilometers away from Eretria (15-minute drive)
• 65 kilometers away from Kimi (1-hour drive)

Telephone: +30 2221055350 • Email: info@avantiswines.gr • Website: www.avantisestate.gr

Which two labels should visitors take with them, as a reminder of their visit?

Definitely white Avantis Estate and famous Syrah.

Κτήμα Αβαντίς Λευκό, Εύβοια

White Avantis Estate registered as P.G.I. Evia – is a blend of a Greek and a French grape variety. The body and the nervousness of Assyrtiko meet the aromas of Viognier. It consists of attractive light-yellow color, with a vivid odor reminiscence of green fruit (pear, green apple), combined with the aromas of yellow fruit (melon, apricot, white peach), all together form a delicate palette. Its flavor is distinct by a fresh lemony tone, followed by a fruity aftertaste. It can be aged up to 2 years in the bottle and it can accompany salads, poultry, and fish delicacies.

Syrah, Avantis Wines

Avantis Estate Syrah is the pride of the estate. Also registered as P.G.I. Evia, it stands out by its intense ruby color. Its aromatic palette unveils a bouquet of spices, pepper, cinnamon, plum, blackberry, and a marmalade of ripe blackberries, with vanilla top notes. This impressive introduction is followed by a rich, mouth-watering, exuberant taste, with mature and sharp tannins and a full and long aftertaste. Aged for 12 months in barrels and can be aged for another 8-10 years. It can be served with barbecue, stews with red spicy sauces, and ripe yellow cheeses.

What are the highlights of the wider region that visitors should not miss?

Any trip to Halkida must begin at the Castle of Karampampa, located at the hill which over-tops the city. One of the greatest monuments of the city is the Temple of Agia Paraskevi, in the center of the Kastro district, while the Red House will certainly draw every visitor’s attention, during their walk next to the waters of Evripos. A visit to the Archeological Museum of the city is also a must, which is housed in a classic building of the previous century and it hosts exhibits from the entire Evia, spanning from the Paleolithic to the Roman times.

A special landmark of Halkida is the New Hanging Bridge, a contemporary achievement of technology. Together with the Old Moving Bridge, it will invite visitors to observe the pulse of the “crazy waters” of Evripos, which change directions every 6 hours!

It must be mentioned, that all the important highlights are only 10 minutes away from the winery. The distance in kilometers confirms this clue: Old Bridge of Halkida is 6,5 kilometers away, Arethousa Museum 5 kilometers, Two Towers of Filla 3 kilometers, Castle of Karampampa 7 km, and the archeological museum of Halkida 6 km. Finally, Eretria and Steni, 16 and 33 kilometers away, respectively, will compensate visitors with their natural beauty.

Για Ελληνικά Πατήστε Εδώ
⚠ Winery’s services along with prices and operation hours might change without previous notice. Please contact the estate upon visiting.

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