Avantis Cellar Door

Avantis Wines Cellar Door


The uncanny of Santorini’s vineyards and the charm of the local grape varieties seem to be able to shorten the distances and in such a way, that Avantis Estate bridges two viticultural regions through the creation of Avantis Wines Cellar Door.

How can we introduce visitors to Avantis Wines Cellar Door’s profile?

His qualified experience from Avantis Estate in Evia and his love for wine, Apostolos Mountrihas in 2012, set his attention thoroughly on the vineyards and the soil of Santorini, creating wines with the famous vivid character, fruit purity and high quality which always distinguishes his creations. Not stopping there and moving one step further, having his wife Lenga Grigoriadou on his side,.he creates a unique multi-purpose venue, called “Avantis Wines Cellar Door”, challenging wine lovers to experience a different model of winetourism. The transformation of an old cinema theater to a Cycladic-like yard and its decoration of old large barrels forms a wonderful scene for visitors,.ideal to get to know the traditional delicacies of the domestic cuisine, combined with the wines of the estate.

A unique experience for travelers could also be the relaxation and health rooms, that have been set in the courtyard of the winery,.where the therapist of Avantis Wines Cellar Door offers a full face and hand grape therapy, using the special products of the Lenga Grape Spa series. Those cosmetics are the outcome of Mrs. Grigoriadou’s endeavor, which began 10 years ago, by using the grapes of the Avantis Estate as raw materials.

Avantis Wines Cellar Door
Avantis Wines Cellar Door
Κτήμα Αβαντίς, Σαντορίνη

What should the visitors expect to experience in Avantis Wines Cellar Door?

As it has already been made clear from the lines above, various special options will be available for the visitors, including wine tasting, meals, cooking sessions, and even spa therapies!


• Santorini Experience
Wine tasting of 5 wines from Santorini (accompanied by welcome treats & light breadsticks)
• Avantis Experience
Wine tasting of 8 wines from Santorini and Evia, allowing visitors to taste wines from two completely different terroirs, that of Evia – Central Greece & that of Santorini (accompanied by welcome treats & light breadsticks)
• Avantis Meze & Wine Experience
Wine tasting of 7 wines from Santorini & Evia, accompanied by traditional appetizers (visitors discover the two different terroirs of the winery in a degustation menu, specially designed to match smoothly food & wine pairing)
• Greek Experience
Wine tasting of 10 wines from the entirely of Greece. The wine tradition of Greece is a tasting, of the most representative grape varieties, registered as Protected Destination of Origin, and also samples of various indigenous varieties, which thrive in Greece.

Furthermore, guests can enjoy their meal in the courtyard, private wine tasting, private meal a la cart at the cellar, and two-hours’ cooking sessions.

• For the cooking sessions a minimum number of 4 participants is required.
• Wine tastings are conducted in Greek and English.
• Avantis Cellar Door has acquired the “Wineries Open to the Public” sign.

The restaurant of the winery instills calmness and constitutes a beautiful environment with a view over the hill of Fira on the west and the magnificent blue of the Aegean on the east. The cuisine has a modern Greek orientation with Mediterranean strokes that blend brilliantly with the wines of the Avantis Estate.

Guided Tour → 11.00 με 20.00
Restaurant → 13.00 με 20.00
Fira Kontohori, ZIP 84700 – Santorini, Cyclades
(10 minutes away from the center of Fira)
* Avantis Cellar Door is open daily, from April till October.

Phone number: +30 2286023140, +30 2221055350 • Email: info@avantissantorini.com • Website: www.avantissantorini.com

Which two labels should visitors take with them, as a reminder of their visit?

Definitely Grace and Afoura, two wines deriving from timeless grape varieties of the Aegean.

Grace, Avantis Wines Cellar Door

«Grace» is a red dry wine, processed 100% from the Mandilaria grape variety, registered as Protected Geographical Indication Cyclades. It colors the glass with a bright soft hue, reminiscent of onion peel. Its odor palette consists of fresh small red berries, like raspberries and white heart cherry. Its flavor consists of the sharp dominance of Mandilaria combined with the acidity and both equally contribute to a sense of freshness, ending at a fruity aftertaste, reminiscent of red acidic small fruit. This wine can be combined with smoked salmon, sushi, fried red mullet, omelet with asparagus, and stuffed peppers.

Άφουρα, Κτήμα Αβαντίς

«Afoura» is a white wine, processed 100% from the Assyrtiko grape, named from the local dialect, particularly from the big storage wine barrels of Santorini, called «Afoures». Registered as Product Destination of Origin Santorini, it stands out with a mixed aromatic palette which includes notes of flint,.minerals, dried citrus type peels, sweet honey odors, bergamot, tobacco, and dried nuts. Exuberant flavor, with crunchy acidity and endless aftertaste. A wine capable of 10 years aging, marked by the microclimate of the island and can accompany fatty fish on the grill, roasted crayfish and lobster spaghetti.

What are the highlights of the wider region that visitors should not miss?

Santorini is a monumental place by itself. In the archeological place of Acrotiri, visitors will experience the thrill and the emotions of when life stopped after the great eruption of the volcano. At Fira, at the Archeological Museum, various artifacts from the daily life of Santorini, are exhibited.

Quite significant is the domestic architecture with the semi-underground houses, the cellars,.the stores, the mansions, and the monuments of the financial prosperity of the past. The magnificent view of the Kaldera, from the spot of Pirgos, the island’s highest village, will stun all visitors and of course the renowned sunset of Ia. A visit to the vineyards is a must for every wine lover,.to admire the inventiveness of the old vine growers, with the uniquecoiled-shaped” cultivation, worldwide. To top it all, since Santorini is an island, the beautiful sandy beaches have to be mentioned,.where the colorful, red, and black sands constitute ideal options for a refreshing break.

Για Ελληνικά Πατήστε Εδώ
⚠ Winery’s services along with prices and operation hours might change without previous notice. Please contact the estate upon visiting.

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